By Luke Openshaw


After a few years writing for video games and film, a little free-form literary therapy was required. This story is the result of a personal story-jam to write an original science-fiction novelette, to be exhibited for free, with zero dialogue, fast pace, more questions than answers, mystery, minimal handholding and to be open to reader interpretation.

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Copyright © 2016 Luke Openshaw

First Published 2016

All rights reserved

The Author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. Reproduction is forbidden without the Author’s consent.





In the beginning there was silence and darkness. Time passed. Things changed. Light was unveiled. Silence was lost. An awakening…

Beams of soft blue light slowly illuminated a network of organic roots that crept across looming walls with an aisle in between. The structure was made of weathered wood and rusty metal, while the root buds began to bloom and glow in different colours.

The walls stirred, groaning, waking, before thousands of doors opened and exposed their contents to the unknown.

Of the wealth of flora and fauna, one specimen per container, a multitude of creatures emerged into the aisle where their senses were vitalised by the array of life and environmental stimuli.

Something from nothing?

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‘TEARS WITHIN THE GLASS’ PDF Novelette by Luke Openshaw