ROADCAR wide banner 1

What’s The Story?

In a sleepy little world, in a sleepy little country, in a sleepy little city, lies a not so sleepy secret. An amazing crime busting secret. For hidden within three ordinary people… well, two ordinary-ish, and one not really ordinary at all, are extraordinary heroes. Rock Sandstorm, Master of Ninjitsu! Dyna-Mite, Mistress of Destruction! Ace Flyt, Man of Mystery! Together with Raymond Spex, Genius Inventor, and designer of the most amazing car in the world, Roadcar, they form Roadcar: Defenders of the Streets!

Roadcar is an experimental and rather silly super hero mini series, featuring diverse and dysfunctional people fighting crime, while wearing cruddy costumes and wielding grandtackula gizmos, among other things, in the fabled Roadcity. 19 short screenplays were written, but only 4 early versions were shot.

But What Is It?

On the amazing Roadcar Main Page you will find many fantastic things:

ROADCAR wide banner 1

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