Calling all lovers of well written videogames,


The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is open for submissions for 2018’s writing awards across many crafts, which includes the prestigious award for, “Best Writing in a Videogame”.

The 2017 shortlist included, ‘Virginia’ (Jonathan Burroughs, Terry Kenny, Lyndon Holland), ‘FIFA17’ (Martin Korda, Tom Watt and Matt Turner) and ‘Fragments of Him’ (Mata Haggis).

What recent videogames have played with your emotions, wowed you with their narrative design, opened your mind to the potential of storytelling, and so much more?


  • The final version of the game needs to have been released between 1st October 2016 and 30th September 2017, inclusive.
  • Writers suggested for consideration should be British or working in Britain (herein referred to as: British/Working).
  • Team projects require at least 50% of the written content from British/Working writer/s.
  • Where a British/Working writer is being awarded but shares credit with non-British/Working writer/s, the non-British/Working writer/s will also be mentioned.
  • No early access or beta versions.
  • No remasters or re-releases (it must be a/the original launch of the game).
  • Where a title has been released on multiple platforms but staggered over different dates, the first release (such as PC, PS4 or XboxOne) is the eligible title/date, and future staggered release/s of that title are not eligible.
  • Ensure delays to release have not pushed a title out of the eligibility period.
  • EPISODIC GAMES: If 3 or more hours of the series or the majority of episodes (e.g. 2 of 3, 3 of 4, 3 of 5 etc), featuring the eligible writer/s written material, have been officially released then the whole title can be classed as eligible, but would not be eligible in future. This excludes 2-episodes, which require both to be released. However, the developer will be asked if they want the series/title to be eligible this year, the following or only once all episodes are released.
  • Where a game is stated as parts or numerically part of an arc/series, only those games stated as “standalone“ or those agreed by the WGGB Videogame Committee to be standalone, are eligible.

Please nominate titles @

Best of luck,

Luke Openshaw

Videogame Chair

WGGB – The Writers’ Union


Twitter: @TheWritersGuild

Facebook: www.facebook/thewritersguild

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